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William B. Meyer, Inc.’s Acquisition of Imaging Technologies proves to be a Smart Business Decision

In April 2012, William B. Meyer, Inc. made the decision to acquire a Connecticut-based document imaging company to expand its MEYER Records Management division. Through use of technologies received in that acquisition, MEYER increased the level of service provided to its clients with a new offering: document imaging. Less than a year later, that initial investment has already proven fruitful. MEYER Records Management has increased sales in imaging by 40% a month.

Michael Cavallo, Director of Sales for the Storage and Logistics Group of William B. Meyer, has overseen the roll-out of imaging services for MEYER Records Management. He foresees continued growth for digital imaging services, “Going digital is a popular theme for many of our clients. MEYER has enhanced its ability to serve industries in the healthcare, legal and business sectors by providing one more solution for their document conversion requirements.” The increased demand for imaging services has been demanding enough to justify hiring more staff and purchasing new equipment to accommodate high volume orders.

Using high-quality equipment from trusted providers like Kodak, Fujitsu, and Bell Howell, MEYER’s document imaging services offer full-color scanning, and single or duplex scanning at a rate of 140 pages per minute. MEYER’s flexible imaging plans offers both in-house and outsourced document conversion options. Documents can be scanned as needed by the client, or MEYER imaging teams can convert sizable chunks of historical documents that can later be accessed via computer and electronically transferred. MEYER’s document management software makes information easily accessible and secure -increasing office productivity.

MEYER’s quality imaging service plans has bolstered William B. Meyer’s already strong reputation for cost-efficient, reliable, and state-of-the-art hardcopy records and off-site media storage. More importantly, its successful return on investment proves William B. Meyer has the necessary business savvy to identify an important service for its client base and marry it with a successful venture.

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