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William B. Meyer, Inc. Reflects on Centennial Milestone

After a year of celebratory events to commemorate and recognize one hundred years of commitment to providing the best storage and logistics solutions, William B. Meyer, Inc. is taking a look back at the last year and all the company and its team members have accomplished. 2015 included quarterly charity events, new logo designs, and company-wide celebrations. We achieved record sales numbers across business lines, from acquiring new customers and accomplishing challenging rigging projects and efficiently managing larger relocation projects. This all culminated in a Centennial Celebration to honor all team members, past and present, who have made the company successful for the last 100 years. The year ended on a high note when it was announced that the family-owned company would be transitioning to the fourth generation of leadership.

In 2015, we focused our charitable efforts on a different event every quarter in towns near each of our offices. Events like these provided an opportunity for our team members to give back to their communities in a meaningful way – a trait that every Meyer team member has, from owners down to contractors and temps. Every event was an extreme success and this level of enthusiasm shows how our team consistently lives our values of Honesty, Integrity, Dependability, Creativity, and Stewardship. At the Centennial Celebration in September, our team was recognized for their awesome efforts in these events, in going above and beyond in their daily work assignments, and we were able to take a look back at all our shared accomplishments in the last 100 years.

Building on the excitement surrounding the Centennial Celebration, we announced the transition of leadership to the fourth generation. The next generation, with Mike Racette as CEO and Tom Gillon as President, is looking forward to what the next century of dedicated and dependable team members will mean for the company’s future success. Over the decades we’ve continued our dedication to supplying exceptional service to customers, nurturing and appreciating our outstanding employees, and increasing efforts to give back to our local communities. Our people go above and beyond in every way- from the enthusiastic response to every charity event challenge to continually setting record sales achievements. After a momentous year with exciting leadership transitions, record growth for the second year in a row, and impressive efforts from our employees to continue to give back, we eagerly anticipate each and every opportunity in the future. William B. Meyer, Inc. is looking forward to continuing into the next century with same level of dedication to do what’s right for the right reasons and a strong commitment to our core values.

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