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Employees At William B. Meyer Take A Stance On Healthy Living

William B. Meyer highly values employee wellness and encourages healthy living. Recently, this health-conscious culture sparked in 25 employees the desire to compete in the Greater New Haven Chamber Weight Loss Challenge. The results were astonishing. All lost weight and placed in the top half of the competition. One employee won the overall individual challenge, losing 25 lbs. But the most exciting outcome was the interest it generated in employees to find new, creative ways to remain healthy.

Sherry Boyd, Account Executive for MEYER Records Management, is one such employee. Inspired by her healthy lunches during the eight-week competition, Boyd approached the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce with the idea for a new kind of leads group – one focused on fitness and nutrition. Her idea was well-received and the Chamber promotes Boyd’s new leads group in its weekly newsletters. Standard leads groups require networking between members to create a connection that may lead to additional business. Often, pressure to generate and distribute a high quantity of active leads means that their quality deteriorates. Better business grows from a quality referral. Boyd, with the support of William B. Meyer, designed her Healthy Lunch leads group to address these issues.

Led by Sherry Boyd, Meyer Team Losing2Win placed 1st out of 30 teams competing in the Challenge.
Led by Sherry Boyd, Meyer Team Losing2Win placed 1st out of 30 teams competing in the Challenge.

The Healthy Lunch leads group places a healthier lifestyle alongside business development.  Says Boyd, “The membership interview process is unlike that of other leads groups. In addition to the desire to grow their business, members have to be committed to getting healthier, or to helping others get healthier.” Members are invited to share and ask questions on nutrition and fitness at a bi-monthly meeting featuring a healthy lunch and a speaker (either a member or external expert) in the health field. This tight collaboration creates a strong bond between members that facilitates the growth of quality leads, while simultaneously improving their health. Says Boyd, “the best way to get fellow group members to share quality leads with you, is to know and trust one another.  Helping one another get healthier is the piece that may have a long term difference in a group members’ life”.

Jan Wojna, Director of Human Resources for William B. Meyer, has spearheaded many company wellness initiatives in the past.  Under her direction, William B. Meyer received the Health Care Council’s 2012 Award of Distinction for Workplace Wellness, for initiatives in: health assessment programs, mammogram screenings, biometric campaigns, exercise challenges, flu shot clinics, no-smoking campaigns, and the Health Fair. “A successful Wellness Program requires a strong foundation built on planning, education, initiatives and participation. Sherry’s Healthy Lunch leads groups initiative is a ‘brick’ in this foundation. It will keep the momentum of the weight loss challenge and maintain people’s interest in healthy living, and business development.”

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