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William B. Meyer, Inc. Expands Secure Document Destruction Service Capabilities

Almost weekly, consumers learn in news reports that personal data has been leaked through the mishandling or improper destruction of business or personal paper files containing social security numbers and other confidential information. The Records Management division of William B. Meyer, Inc. is doing its part to ensure its customers are not exposed to privacy breaches of this nature through the recent addition of mobile shredding services. This secure, mobile shredding option is proving very popular with existing and new customers alike; our new vehicles are already on the road, traveling regularly to businesses throughout Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts.

William B. Meyer, Inc. officials said companies appreciate this new service because sensitive documents scheduled for destruction never leave their property. The mobile shredding truck arrives and documents are thoroughly destroyed on-site, guaranteeing that customer and business information that should be confidential stays that way. It also frees up time for employees because they do not have to take care of the mundane task. This newest service has been particularly attractive to hospitals and doctors’ offices, attorneys, financial advisors, and other businesses that handle confidential documents.

The Records Management division of William B. Meyer, Inc. has a long-established reputation as a secure and trustworthy business partner which uses state-of-the-art equipment and technology throughout every aspect of its document management and data protection services. Businesses, medical institutions, and law practices rely on these services to ensure their essential data will be protected against any disaster, including natural or human error. In addition to secure document destruction, other services supported by William B. Meyer’s Records Management team include hard copy storage, indexing, and retrieval; document conversion and imaging services; back-up media, tape storage and rotation; and electronic data vaulting.