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William B. Meyer, Inc. Hosts IFMA Event at Windsor Facility

In November, William B. Meyer, Inc. hosted an event for the International Facility Management Association – Connecticut Chapter (IFMA), at the newly expanded Windsor facility. Established in 1980, IFMA is dedicated to enhancing and promoting the facility management profession. The event highlighted the technical details and unique components of William B. Meyer, Inc’s Windsor building. We designed and constructed the building according to specific industry standards to support our clients’ needs.

The IFMA event included an introduction from Tom Gillon, President of William B. Meyer, Inc., who oversaw the building expansion. Facility managers and industry professionals from across the state gathered to tour the new addition and learn about the structure.

“This building has quite a few unique features that were carefully planned to give us an edge over the competition. Designing our own building allowed us to build a custom warehouse with components that are important to our customers,” notes Tom Gillon.
IFMA members went on a tour of the entire building, which now includes 270,000 square feet with the latest addition. The tour highlighted the unique structural advantages and the building’s distinct components.

The warehouse has 30 foot clear ceiling height – vertical storage is key. Access to the building was also well designed. There are a total of 29 dock locations, 4 ground level doors, and 7 side load doors. The building also includes 20,000 square feet of climate controlled storage. In this section the temperature and humidity are controlled for optimal storage of items like rare books and artwork. Highly sensitive and secure items are stored in a fireproof vault. The vault features state-of-the-art fire protection measures to ensure that anything stored inside will remain safe up to 2,400 degrees.

“This event was a great opportunity to share the building with a community of building managers and industry professionals who would truly appreciate all of the thought that went into each unique component of the building. Touring over 270,000 square feet of storage firsthand provided the best way for them to experience it,” commented Pete Oman, Vice President of Sales for the Contracting Group, who works closely with IFMA and organized the event.

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