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RECORDS INFO SHARE: William B. Meyer’s Document Disposal Services Protect Your Company

MEYER | Records Management

The start of each year marks a period of organization for industries in the legal, medical, industrial, and financial fields. These document-heavy industries need to sort their files for the upcoming year and, depending on their security and compliance measures, either store or destroy older, inactive files. This tedious, time-consuming process can be draining DSC_0012_Shred-Bin_websmallon the resources of a company whose time is better focused on other tasks. MEYER Records Management offers document shredding services designed to ease this process for their clients.

Document destruction is the last phase in the lifecycle of a document. Although the length of a document lifecycle varies by industry, all follow a similar path. With William B. Meyer, clients can store their documents off-site in our secure, climate-controlled facilities. Then, when a document has met its retention requirements as dictated by law, clients can authorize the complete, secure and certified destruction of these sensitive documents. After the records have been destroyed, William B. Meyer provides their clients with a certificate that they can then produce as evidence of having met compliance standards.

As always, William B. Meyer’s priority lies in securing a client’s trust through a high standard of customer care. So, for those clients whose outdated documents contain extremely sensitive information, William B. Meyer also offers innovative, on-site shredding options. Mobile shredding trucks can go to a client’s place of work. Documents to be WEB_WBM11-12_-0361_websmallshredded are brought to the truck accompanied by a company representative. Each truck is outfitted with a state-of-the-art live video feed; a client can watch the complete destruction of their documents, and attest that it has been done to satisfaction.

With William B. Meyer’s document shredding services, clients benefit by ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential. Document disposal is simplified, and the risk of information breaches reduced. William B. Meyer offers a full range of document lifecycle solutions which are tailored to best suit each client’s needs. In addition to secure document destruction, other services supported by William B. Meyer’s Records Management team include: hard-copy storage, indexing and retrieval, document conversion and imaging services, and back-up media, storage and rotation services.