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William B. Meyer, Inc. Expands Windsor Building in Strategic Move

After celebrating over 100 years in business and many successes in previous years, William B. Meyer, Inc. has decided to once again expand its Windsor, CT location. Demand in the Greater Hartford area for both industrial space and storage is high while availability is low. Understanding that most of William B. Meyer, Inc.’s business requires physical storage built to specific standards, expanding on a building we own makes the most sense.

William B. Meyer, Inc.’s Windsor facility was originally erected in 2010 and was first expanded by 80,000 square feet in 2012 to accommodate growth. Now, we have added another 75,000 square feet bringing the total footprint to 271,000 square feet. The Windsor location is one of four William B. Meyer, Inc. buildings in the Northeast, including Bedford Hills, NY, Northborough, MA, and the company headquarters in Stratford, CT.

“Expanding our current footprint at the Windsor location was the next logical step for meeting the needs of our growing customer base. Space is a limited resource, especially in the Northeast and particularly in Connecticut. We considered other options like buying or renting another building, but expanding on our current facility made the most sense and could be engineered to our specific requirements,” notes Tom Gillon, President of William B. Meyer, Inc. who oversaw the Windsor expansion.

Other major fulfillment companies also see the value in the Windsor area. As reported in the Hartford Business Journal, distribution and fulfillment centers are being erected and expanded in Windsor for companies like Trader Joe’s, FedEx, and Amazon. The location is ideally situated to service the Northeast business corridor.

With the transition of leadership to the fourth generation, the company is looking into ways to continue the rapid growth of business. “We recognize the importance of remaining competitive and positioning ourselves in key markets, while maintaining our commitment to providing high quality service and results to all of our customers. The expansion in Windsor affords us the additional space we needed that will surely be filled in no time,” remarks Mike Racette, CEO of William B. Meyer, Inc.

Construction is finished and additional racking and security measures are now being installed to finalize the building for immediate use. Having the option to build additional space in a key market with limited alternative options puts William B. Meyer, Inc. at a competitive advantage. With the new expansion, we will be able to continue to provide our customers with the ability to handle, store, and relocate their highly valued assets with the professionalism they’ve come to expect.

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