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William B. Meyer, Inc. Partner Moves NATO’s International Headquarters

The Office Moving Alliance (OMA), a partnership of best-in-class international office relocation companies, was founded in 2007 by a select group of market leaders in the commercial industry. The visionary group recognized the need to develop a better, more unified way to service clients on a global scale. William B. Meyer, Inc. is an active member of OMA, with several employees involved in different leadership positions within the alliance.

Recently, an elite group of OMA members including  Pickfords Business Solutions based in London, Mondial Movers in the Netherlands, and AMT located in Paris, France, completed a highly complex and prestigious office relocation for the headquarters of the North American Treaty Organization (NATO) in Brussels, Belgium. The relocation involved moving 27,500 individual crates and 4,200 employees and contractors. Libraries, artwork, IT equipment and 200 individual safes were also included in the move. The relocation was completed ahead of schedule with no disruption in day to day operations. As a member of OMA, William B. Meyer, Inc. is proud to be associated with complex and highly secure moves of this nature. Recognized as the premier provider of office moving services in the Northeastern US, William B. Meyer, Inc. was recruited to join the alliance in January of 2010.

“As an active member of the OMA board, I see the hard work and strategy that goes into coordinating moves of every scale. The NATO headquarters relocation is a prime example of the level of skill you can expect from a moving company associated with OMA,” Jim Brown, Senior Vice President at William B. Meyer, Inc. Brown has also served as OMA’s President since 2016. He says the goal is to continue the growth of the alliance by offering a unified solution to companies and organizations with both national and global footprints. “OMA has been able to grow because our members are the top companies in the regions they service. As we continue to expand Interviewing and vetting potential partners will remain a priority.”

Click here to see the NATO move in action!