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What Does a Rigger Do?

Businesses with plans to relocate need specialized attention and often contract with a professional mover to help get the job done. However, not all moving companies offer the services that certain organizations might need. For instance, in an environment where a move involves heavy machinery or oversized equipment and an aspect of special handling, a business may need to hire a rigging company equipped to manage its move.

What is a Rigger?

Certain types of businesses work with sensitive or heavy equipment that may need to be transported to another location. These items necessitate special care when being disassembled, hoisted, crated, moved, or reassembled. Other companies, such as those in the equipment manufacturing industries, routinely move large equipment within their plant or fr delivery out to their customers.

A rigger is a trained specialist  who can lift, move, transport, and secure loads, including heavy equipment and machinery that would be considered bulky or oversized. In some cases, equipment may need gentle handling to ensure no damage occurs before, during or after transport. 

These professionals possess the necessary skills required to use cranes, lifting gear, pulleys, hydraulic jacks, gantries and any other tools needed for heavy, sensitive, or complex moves. They know how to identify the right solution for a project and ensure it goes smoothly.

Benefits of Hiring a Rigger

If your company needs to move large equipment or machinery, you can benefit from hiring a rigger. These specialists will ensure your move is done safely, correctly, timely, and cost-effectively. Riggers also have the education, expertise, licenses, and tools needed to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Trying to move these items without the assistance of an experienced rigger could result in damages, machinery strain, project delays, costly repairs, or personal injury. Riggers understand how to prepare, crate, transport, and unpack the cargo without incident. You won’t necessarily have access to these skills with an ordinary moving company.

Why a Rigger is Different than Other Movers

When working with a rigger, you can rest assured they’ll know how to properly handle your items. Riggers perform a variety of different move types that many other moving companies are not equipped to do.

  • Handle sensitive items, such as lab and medical equipment
  • Move heavy pieces that need special equipment for transport
  • Pack and transport oddly shaped items that need careful handling
  • Properly attach cables, ropes or chains
  • Calculate proper balance points to keep a load stable
  • Identify potential hazards associated with lifting and moving.

Additionally, riggers know how to operate various types of rigging equipment, such as oversized forklifts known as Versalifts to safely maneuver heavy loads through confined spaces, and navigate the challenges that accompany these types of moves.

Ready to Plan Your Move? Meyer Can Help

Are you in need of a specialized move but aren’t sure how to get the job accomplished safely and securely? At Meyer, we can provide you with the services you need. Our east-coast-based company has been offering solutions for businesses like yours for over 100 years. Not moving along the east coast? No problem. We’ve got a network of top-rated service partners to assist with your project.

Meyer, Inc. is a full-service rigger that offers comprehensive industrial support. Our services include but are not limited to lab and medical equipment moving services, services for machine manufacturers, industrial equipment relocation services, plant relocation services, and crating and storage services. Just ask! We also provide storage solutions if you’re looking for this kind of support service.

The Meyer, Inc. team is happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about your upcoming move or about moves requiring a rigger’s expertise. Contact us today to learn more or discuss obtaining a quote.