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April 27, 2023
Getting Loud in the Library: Transforming Ferguson Library for a special event

First opened in 1877, the Ferguson Library in Stamford, CT is not only a space for learning and the exchange of ideas, but also the heart of the community. Through the years the library has hosted countless civic events often requiring the transformation of its spaces to accommodate them.

A library is a unique workplace, one that necessitates minimal disruption to patron services. So, when Ferguson recently threw a major afterhours event called “A Novel Affair” to raise funds for children’s literacy programs, it was critical that they work with a company that could quickly manage multiple aspects of a project.  As a specialist in library environments, Meyer has earned a stellar reputation as a provider of moving, storage, project planning and renovation services and over the decades had assisted Ferguson in multiple ways.

This project demanded speed and safety as the Meyer team needed to transform the space once the library closed for the day to host the party that night. The crews moved all furniture, books and shelving from the 1st floor to an alternate location on the 3rd floor, then helped set up the room for the affair. Once the party wrapped up, Meyer returned the space to its original condition in time for opening the next day and for the attendees it was truly an affair to remember.