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Impact Story
Relocating a cutting-edge cardiovascular research lab
University of Tennessee
Meyer moves Dr. Djamel LeBeche’s world-renowned lab, including multiple freezers and refrigerators filled with critical contents, with continual power and monitoring from Manhattan to Memphis.
Dr. Djamel LeBeche is a renowned scientist who leads significant cardiovascular research studies. For the past 15 years, Dr. LeBeche was a professor and led a research lab (appropriately named the LeBeche Laboratory) at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City. Recently, Dr. LeBeche accepted a new position at the University of Tennessee and needed to move his sophisticated lab from New York to Memphis. With the complexity of this project, Dr. LeBeche and the University of Tennessee sought out Meyer to plan and execute this technical and exacting move.
The Challenge

The LeBeche laboratory conducts cutting-edge research into Cardiovascular Metabolism and seeks to understand the causes, consequences, and treatment for diabetic cardiomyopathy.

Early this year, Dr. LeBeche joined the University of Tennessee as a Professor and needed to move his lab and its contents from the New York City to Memphis.

The lab included sophisticated and fragile scientific equipment as well as multiple freezers and refrigerators with critical contents that needed to be moved from city to city with continual power supply and monitoring. In addition, Dr. LeBeche’s schedule did not allow him to be in Memphis for the delivery, so all the materials needed to be delivered in a way that left the lab organized so that he and his technicians could efficiently unpack and set up the lab when he arrived.

The Solution

The Meyer team fully packed the lab’s materials and crated the high-value machinery. The team leveraged state-of-the-art vehicles with multiple generators to provide redundant power as well as real-time monitoring for all the freezers and refrigerators that were plugged in for the trip. These contents included moved:

· Three -80C freezers with their contents

· One -20C freezer with contents

· One 4C refrigerator with contents

· One LN2 freezer with contents

· One backup -80C freezer and liquid nitrogen supply tank

Beyond this machinery, the Meyer team also moved 80 boxes of lab goods and office materials in a standard moving truck to complete the job.

Meyer’s Impact
Meyer’s team moved this sophisticated laboratory in three days with power and cooling for the entire trip. The team’s sophisticated equipment and expertise allowed Dr. LeBeche to relax and spend time with his family making their move to Tennessee, knowing that his lab move was in good hands. “Meyer’s team was conscientious in packing and moving the fragile and mission-critical elements of Dr. Lebeche’s research” said Matt Siracusa, Account Manager and Lab Moving Specialist for Meyer. “We navigated a complex move, with sustained power and monitoring of the freezers and refrigerators required throughout, and the materials arrived so well organized that Dr. Lebeche’s research started up again without missing a beat.”