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Impact Story
Helping Siemens navigate complex space consolidation plans
Siemens (Graebel)
Meyer helps Siemens reconfigure and relocate personnel, offices, confidential materials and lab facilities.
Siemens, Europe’s largest industrial manufacturer, has a leading global healthcare business that creates “technologies and services at the center of clinical decision making across the full healthcare spectrum.” With significant campuses across the US, Siemens’ facility strategy called for consolidating lab facilities and relocating key personnel at its Delaware campus, and the company needed a partner to handle this multifaceted workplace solution project.
The Challenge

As Siemens sought to execute its space consolidation plans, the company needed to relocate several of their key teams, R&D labs, high-value equipment and confidential materials all while maintaining uninterrupted workflow and operations. This project involved moving personnel and materials to different buildings on the Delaware campus. In addition, the teams had accumulated many years’ worth of sensitive data that needed to be securely disposed. Finally, the 40,000 square feet of space needed significant decommissioning of technology, wiring and equipment that had been integrated for years to prepare the space for return to the landlord.

The Solution

To help execute this complex project, Siemens worked with the Meyer team to develop a project plan and execute this multifaceted relocation and decommissioning project that included three buildings and impacted more than 600 staff members.


The Meyer team worked with Siemens’ staff to pack up personnel, transitioning some to work from home and others to a swing-space located on campus while the new offices were under construction. Meyer’s team assisted in packing and storing their materials and furnishings temporarily, consolidating and separating sensitive documents from generic disposal, and consolidating e-waste technology for recycling. In the same timeframe, Meyer moved multiple labs to new campus locations along with their supplies and materials. When the construction was complete, Meyer reconfigured and installed new furniture before moving the personnel into their newly built workspaces.


Because of the sensitive and valuable nature of the R&D-oriented materials being moved, all Meyer team members completed the project under signed confidentiality agreements and NDAs, and ensured that all materials and data were disposed securely with proper documentation for each step of the process. In total, over 30,000 pounds of documents were packed, removed, and destroyed.


Finally, Meyer’s team decommissioned a 40,000 square foot building, including furniture disassembly, removal, and recycling, removing all FF&E that were installed by Siemens, patching walls, removing electrical connections, and disposing of low voltage wiring. To complete the project, the whole building was cleaned and left in “broom swept” condition.

Meyer’s Impact
Due to its detailed planning and experienced team, Meyer was able to get the Siemens personnel and equipment where they needed to be in a timely fashion. The labs were moved and back up the next business day, and all technology and data were securely disposed. The decommissioned space was returned in a condition that satisfied the expectations of the landlord and met the requirements of their lease terms. Based on the success of this project, Siemens hired Meyer to conduct similar relocations on an additional 200,000 square feet of space across their portfolio including facilities located in Tarrytown, NY, Melville, NY, and Flanders, NJ.