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May 22, 2023
A Delicate Operation: A lab relocates sensitive instruments

Macdermid, now known as Alpha Labs, provides circuitry, semiconductor, and assembly capabilities for electronics design and manufacturing. When they realized the need to move their laboratory from Orange, CT., to Shelton, CT., they knew that it would be a complex task. Relocating a laboratory requires meticulous planning, as many pieces of equipment are extremely delicate and need specialized handling.

Alpha Labs called Meyer to assist in the project based on the knowledge that Meyer had extensive experience in the nuances of moving a lab. With a tight timeline, the Meyer team built a project plan that allowed for packing to begin almost immediately. They also developed a lab-specific tagging system for all items moving to the new space. This made it easier to determine which items were being discarded, which items were moving, and where the items would be placed when they arrived at the new location.

Over the course of five days, fifteen Meyer crew members relocated tables, workstations, offices, and the equipment from eleven labs. Completed on schedule, Alpha Labs was able to remain functional throughout the project and is now enjoying the efficiencies in their new space.