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March 22, 2023
Cumbersome, Not Impossible: A biomedical company with an oversized problem

With 350 locations around the globe, one of the world’s premier biomedical engineering firms had a challenge at their Connecticut location. They needed to relocate an extremely cumbersome waste water tank. They knew that the sheer bulk of the item would present a unique set of complications in order to get it positioned properly. They were also confident that Meyer’s distinctive skill set in moving machinery and oversize equipment would provide the solution.

Weighing four thousand pounds and measuring nearly fourteen feet long, the double-walled tank would need to be offloaded and stored while the company constructed a concrete pad where the tank would be permanently placed.

The construction of the tank also required special handling by the Meyer Rigging team. The way the double walls were built made it critical, while lifting it, to evenly distribute the weight, at all times. Once the pad was completed Meyer safely loaded the tank out of storage, transported it to the customer’s facility, then carefully leveled and affixed it to the pad.