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July 1, 2022
Relocating Specialized Biotech Lab with Real-Time Monitoring For Sepax Technologies in Newark, Delaware


Meyer recently helped Sepax Technologies, a biotechnology service provider specializing in liquid chromatography, relocate their lab to a larger space in Newark, Delaware. This project included packing all materials, supplies, and equipment, segregating, labelling, and packing chemicals, relocating all items from their labs, and disposing of some unwanted equipment.

Chemicals were tagged and separated, then placed in sealed drums for safe transit. Sensitive chemicals that required refrigeration during the relocation were placed in coolers with temperature monitoring to ensure their internal temperatures didn’t fluctuate during the process. Specialized equipment was packed in custom boxes and secured, and upon arrival at the new office, all equipment was placed according to the schematic of the new lab, in consultation with onsite lab personnel onsite. Time is money in the biotech industry, and Meyer was able to take the lab down and back up to operational condition within 12 hours and running the next day.