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August 19, 2022
5 Common Office Configuration Mistakes to Avoid

Are you planning for or setting up new office space? After getting your equipment, furniture, and business necessities moved in, picking a suitable configuration for the new space is the next important step. While most business owners are primarily concerned with getting everything assembled to get back to work, proper configuration sets the stage for every new workday moving forward. Based on our years of experience in this field, here are a few big mistakes to avoid in your new office configuration.

Lack of Lighting

Poor lighting creates challenges with visibility and the overall ambiance of the space. Low light in the office can also mean employees have to strain their eyes to see, which can both be a health hazard and impede productivity. Therefore, consider both natural and synthetic lighting in the new office space. The goal should be to have relatively even illumination throughout the building.

Inadequate Storage

Not configuring the office in a way that allows space for storage can generate several problems, such as:

  • Cluttered workspaces
  • Visual distractions that interfere with the overall design
  • Interruptions in traffic flow
  • Safety hazards due to clutter
  • Issues with productivity in the workplace

There are different suggestions and rules of thumb regarding office storage spaces. For example, you’ll likely need to allocate seven square feet per file in a room meant to house paper files.

Lackluster Reception Area

The office building’s reception area is the first spot people experience when visiting your office building. Even if your building is not open to the public, the reception area is still the access point for potential clients, business partners, and employees. In a sense, this is a small hospitality hub that should feel welcoming. Therefore, take time to plan strategically and inject brand and design elements reflective of the business itself.

No Room for Growth

Most businesses anticipate the growth of profit margins or customers, but this growth can require more physical space and often gets overlooked. When setting up your new office space, consider how things may need to change if you bring in new hires, add more workstations, or make room for more equipment. In the ideal scenario, you can easily adjust the configuration you have at that point to expand.

No Personality

Just as every business has its own culture, it also needs its own visual personality. Bringing this personality to life in certain elements – often called environmental branding – is essential when configuring a new office space. This may mean taking a minimalist approach with workstations, incorporating your values or employee recognition posters on the walls, or adding poignant pieces of furniture with curved lines and soft edges. When an office space has a personality, it feels less like a cold corporate atmosphere and more like a welcoming environment.

Workplace Solutions for Office Configuration

Getting your office equipment and furniture from point A to point B is only the beginning. There’s still a lot of work to be done after the big move, but a full-service Workplace Solutions Company can help. Reach out for a quote for your upcoming business relocation project and ask about our additional services.