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May 22, 2023
A Hot Request Turns Cold: Delivering refrigerator units within 48 hours

In early spring, Meyer received a time-sensitive request for storage of approximately 3,500 square feet of large refrigeration units. Intended for the Delaware location of a large nationally known grocery store chain, the units were scheduled to arrive just two days after the original request. Delays in construction caused this urgent need and Meyer’s New Castle, DE facility was asked to receive the units and then deliver them upon the completion of the buildout.

Meyer quickly developed a comprehensive plan within a few hours and swiftly navigated the signing of contracts to begin receiving the units two days later.

Even meticulous planning cannot always mitigate the risks of unexpected challenges. The client was grateful for the speed and flexibility provided by Meyer’s Workplace Solutions which allowed them to get the units in place and functional within 48 hours avoiding costly product spoilage and added inventory.