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May 22, 2023
Privacy, Please: Meyer builds a unique space for new moms

Many mothers who aspire to breastfeed their child have experienced the challenge of finding a sequestered lactation space in either public or workplace environments. Founded in Vermont by a pair of visionary women, Mamava was created to transform the culture of breastfeeding. Their Mamava Pod product helps solve the underrecognized issue of creating safe and easily accessible lactation areas nationwide.

As a highly active venue for events of all sizes, the Connecticut Convention Center recognized the need for a Mamava Pod within their facility in downtown Hartford, CT.  When making the purchase they realized the pod was quite large, over seven feet tall. There were also a number of special components like ventilation fans, outlets and lighting that made it complicated to assemble.

Meyer was asked to receive, store, and deliver the unassembled Mamava Pod from its Windsor, CT warehouse to the Convention Center.  Once there the Meyer team assembled and installed the pod according to specific instructions supplied by Mamava. This included the need to supply carpentry, electrical space planning skills.  Meyer was thrilled to support the work that Mamava is doing to bring awareness and change to an issue that has existed for far too long.