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December 15, 2023
M&T Bank: Precision in Decommissioning

Similar to many companies in the post-pandemic environment, M&T Bank is focused on dynamic space planning for efficiency and employee satisfaction. One of their recent projects provides a good example of the benefits of streamlining the transition of their spatial footprint with the support of a single-source solution. The job encompassed 20,000 square feet on each of their eight floors at the M&T building in downtown Wilmington. This involved dismantling over 2,000 workstations, 200+ private offices and several executive meeting rooms.  The Meyer team in Delaware handled the knockdown phase over the course of two weeks, with an additional three weeks dedicated to shipping and disposal, completing the decommission in a remarkable five weeks.

During this process, 80% of the decommissioned furniture underwent meticulous disassembly, wrapping, and preparation on pallets before being shipped to M&T’s retention center in Buffalo, NY, for repurposing and reuse. This required careful attention to the breakdown, packing, and transportation processes.

Key project statistics include the removal of low voltage data/coms above the ceiling and below the slab, 1,100 tons of disposal, 96 tons sent for scraping, and the loading of 21, 53’ trailers for the retained furniture sent to Buffalo.