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December 15, 2023
Rising from the Waters

In the aftermath of heavy rainfall, an infiltration of water posed a significant problem for the New Britain Museum of American Art (NBMAA), necessitating immediate attention and response. In a proactive and responsive approach, Meyer undertook the disassembly and storage of furniture and cubicles to quickly clear the damaged area. Concurrently, Meyer’s skilled team of craftsmen meticulously removed the damaged section of carpeting, subsequently replacing it with luxury vinyl flooring.

Following the initial call to manage the removal of furniture, Meyer initiated a comprehensive discussion with the museum directors to ascertain their specific needs and determine the optimal course of action. Based on this insightful conversation, a project plan was created that left the museum staff with a sense of relief that the job could be done quickly and efficiently avoiding the potential for damage to any of the exhibits. Most important to the NBMAA was the invaluable advantage of a single point of contact that could provide them with a workplace solution that included both relocation and renovation services.

“Meyer’s prompt response to the Museum’s water damage problem was remarkable. Their comprehensive services streamlined the project, and the crew’s expertise in multiple areas ensured a fantastic outcome. Grateful and pleased with their efficiency!” – Joanne H., Finance Director at the New Britain Museum of American Art.

The outcome was a seamless and efficient restoration process that allowed the museum staff to resume work in a remarkably short timeframe.