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June 26, 2023
A Brewed Awakening: Athletic Brewing continues its unprecedented growth

In 2022 Athletic Brewing Co., was named by Inc. Magazine as the 26th fastest growing company in the U.S. This dramatic growth continues to create the need for a dynamic space management plan that has their workplace in continuous transition.

Earlier last year, Meyer facilitated the preparation and placement of forty new tanks that now operate within their new production facility.  Recently, Athletic Brewing Co. required additional help from Meyer to relocate eight tanks that still resided within their original location.

Meyer’s experienced rigging crews worked together to set all eight tanks into cradles and safely loaded them onto trucks for transport. Upon arrival at the new location, the teams successfully and efficiently offloaded the tanks and placed them as directed at the destination.

Being in a larger space that is better equipped to handle their growth is sure to bring many new opportunities to Athletic Brewing and it’s exciting to play a role in supporting their success.