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April 27, 2023
Fulfilling Headache Relief: Meyer’s Partnership with The Headache Hat

Outsourcing a warehousing operation can present real challenges for any business, causing stress, anxiety and even the occasional headache. The partnership between The Headache Hat and Meyer was launched over five years ago with the goal of working together to solve all these burdens.

After suffering from migraine headaches since she was a child, entrepreneur Sherri Pulie made a commitment to design a business to help fellow sufferers.  Created from a soft, spandex material, the Headache Hat product contains twenty-four reusable ice cubes, and is constructed using proprietary technology. Pulie’s passion project was launched to solve a problem that many individuals face daily, herself included, and the business took off.

When confronted with the realities of rapid growth, The Headache Hat team quickly realized the need to find a partner that would put the same level of attention and care into assembling the product. Meyer’s history as a premium provider of warehousing and fulfillment services allowed them to easily scale the operation throughout the years while supporting The Headache Hat’s growth and desire to bring comfort and relief in new and innovative ways.