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Workplace Solutions

Meyer Workplace Solutions give our clients the ability to navigate the opportunities of change to make their facilities and teams stronger and better positioned for the future.
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Our Comprehensive Approach

Workplace Solutions is a coordinated package of offerings designed for leaders that have moving, storage, furniture installation, space planning, de-commissioning and renovation needs. Depending on what’s needed, Meyer can seamlessly shift between the critical roles of strategic partner, project manager, and tactical expert.

Move Project Management
An effective move is the result of impeccable planning, communication, and the ability to respond to unknown challenges in the right way.
Furniture Installations
We will work with you to plan, install, or reconfigure furniture systems that support the productivity of your team.
Office Renovations
Office renovations are never simple, but when our experienced team partners with you to plan and manage your next office construction project, our seamless process will feel easy and straightforward.
When the best path for your future is restructuring the footprint of your space, systems and inventory, we will partner with you to execute a custom decommissioning plan.
Glass Wall Installations
We implement architectural glass walls to keep spaces open and inspire creativity. These versatile, aesthetically pleasing, solutions offer a place for private collaboration or individual, safely distanced work areas.
Final Clean
When it comes to the condition of your organization’s spaces as you fulfill your lease obligations, we offer a suite of high-level restoration and cleaning services.
Space Planning
We design and optimize the layout and arrangement of your workspace, including furniture, enhancing the type and quality of interactions of your teams.
Facility Services Outsourcing
We work with you to help shape the future of your space by providing onsite facility services and property support that allows you to focus on running the business while we run the building.
Our solutions scale to meet your needs. Learn about Meyer's full suite of logistics and moving services.
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