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January 24, 2023
Travelers Insurance: Lending a Hand with Claims

As Travelers prepared to move the forensic lab housed within their Windsor, CT., facility, they quickly learned that the expertise of a company that understands the complexities of moving a lab would be required for a project of this nature.

The lab would be moving into newly constructed space located within Travelers’ Claim University, a training and professional development facility that provides technical knowledge and leadership development to more than 10,000 claims professionals.

Because the move was very time-sensitive, Travelers partnered with Meyer to create a project plan that considered the massive size of the space itself and the time it would take to safely operate within it.

This project was completed over the course of four days and required our team to coordinate with technicians from numerous contractors to both disconnect and recalibrate equipment in the new facility. Meyer teams packed and moved a variety of lab equipment and enlisted the help of our Rigging and machinery moving specialists to help transport larger and heavier items such as the testing ovens.

Travelers was happy to report that we not only completed the project within the tight timeline, but it was also actually completed ahead of schedule.