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September 21, 2022
Taking hospital sterilization to the next level

When awarded a complex renovation at a hospital in Danbury, CT, LeChase Construction was faced with a challenge. The job required the Rochester, NY- based full-service general contractor to keep the hospital’s sterilization lab completely shielded from the dust and debris created by adjacent demolition work. To address this challenge, LeChase leveraged its relationship with Meyer Workplace Solutions to create a unique technical solution.

The Meyer team installed state-of-the-art, temporary walls manufactured by STARC Systems of Brunswick, ME. These reusable, pre-engineered walls provide a one-hour fire rated containment barrier. Meyer’s team of carpenters and installers attended training sessions and became well-versed in the nuances of the product and the project developed into one of the most extensive installations of this product to date. Once the walls were completed, the Meyer team also installed a negative air system to provide ongoing monitoring and ensure there was no cross-contamination of the lab space.

LeChase’s Senior Project Manager, Chris Strebel, was pleased to have a partner like Meyer Workplace Solutions to help address this challenging job. “We really appreciate the work Meyer did to support this unique project. Their team was quick to learn the techniques necessary to perform the installation safely and efficiently. And the sterilization lab was able to function without interruption in a dust-free environment which was one of the most important aspects of the job.”