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December 19, 2022
Helping Dalio Philanthropies Keep Students Warm, Learning & Successful

For the past three years, Meyer has had the honor of helping Dalio Philanthropies – the family foundation for investor Ray Dalio and his wife, Barbara – as it gives new winter coats to school districts across the state. This program is part of the organization’s broad and generous support of elevating educational outcomes for underserved students in Connecticut. Through the years, “the Dalio family has provided over $6 Billion in funding to Dalio Philanthropies to support philanthropy,” and this year, we worked with the Dalio team to receive and sort shipments into the warehouse, and then to deliver nearly 5,000 coats to 10 of the neediest school districts across the state.

With the opportunity to help support this noble cause,  we were given the opportunity to experience the impact of the Dalio Foundation’s programs and to directly witness the benefits of their generosity.