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November 18, 2022
Onshoring inventory to streamline a critical supply chain

Among the take-aways from the global shipping and supply chain challenges of the past few years is the value of having critical inventory onshore to ensure smooth delivery timelines. Recently, we helped a customer, National Distribution Services, Inc. service one of their own key accounts, by receiving and storing nearly 1,000 pallets of air conditioning units direct from the port.

For inventory tracking precision, we recorded individual serial numbers and re-palletized the units to be optimized for our racking system. And as deliveries were needed, our crews trucked inventory to Carrier’s New York and New Jersey facilities for distribution. With the volume and timing of this work, our team worked many Saturdays to accommodate the backlog at the ports and processed multiple inbound truckloads each day. Both NDS and Carrier Global commented on how easy Meyer was to work with and appreciated how much smoother this made the onshoring of this critical inventory. If your business relies on timely inventory coming in from around the globe, let’s talk.