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July 27, 2023
Planning Ahead Before Plunging Forward: Jackson Law Group plans for a complex project

Certain projects present more challenges than others and in today’s work environment a company’s space needs require careful consideration.

The Jackson Law Group headquartered in Shelton, CT., made the decision to relocate to a different floor in the same office complex. Although it was a very short distance to travel and the size of the new space was almost identical to the old, the challenge was created by the fact that the floor layouts were drastically different.

The teams from Jackson Law and Meyer spent considerable time on space planning to ensure that all furniture and IT equipment would fit into the new footprint. A key component to making that work was open communication between the teams beginning very early in the process. This blossomed into a true partnership and the ability to challenge each other’s ideas and methods to ultimately create a perfect space solution.

These highly productive meetings helped lead to flawless execution and although patience was important, speed was equally necessary. The bright new office space was a welcoming environment for Jackson Law’s employees. But what the team found most exciting was the fact that Meyer was able to execute on its promise of completing the relocation with minimal disruptions to their staff and workflow.